The Motivations of a Motivational Speaker

Everyone knows who motivational speakers are. Almost everyone has been in a financial seminar, a school conference, a company outing, a church camp, or a social event where at least one of the scheduled activities is a sit-down talk with a motivational speaker. Sometimes, you walk out of the room or conference hall feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on life with a whole new perspective and eager to start succeeding. Sometimes, you walk out of the room yawning and eager to sleep.

Keynote speakerA motivational speaker is supposed to convince a person or a group of people that a better future is out there or that a better outcome can be achieved. Some believe the speaker; others roll their eyes and wonder why they should believe him. This does happen, especially in business- or wealth-related talks, where people are left scratching their heads. The speakers usually tell the audience that yes, they could get rich in so years if they do this step or make that move and whatnot. The audience would then wonder why, if the speaker really did believe his own words, he’s still a motivational speaker. Why not invest in real estate or start a company like he’s encouraging the people to do?

This brings up a rather interesting question: why would one choose to be in the motivational speaking field? Why would one choose professional motivational speaking as a career?

There’s the noblest of all noble reasons: to help people. A lot of motivational speakers arise from non-professional speakers who have a track record of helping people in his or her immediate environment. They use conversations and daily interaction to motivate their family, friends, peers, and colleagues, and in turn people notice how effective their words are. Soon enough, they themselves realize that they do have a certain gift, and that they could in fact use this gift to help more people. That’s when they’d decide to delve into motivational speaking.

Another big reason is passion. It might just be that a person’s passion lies in speaking to people and helping them realize their potential. Just like a singer would brave a singing career for her passion for music, there are people who’ve chosen to be motivational speakers solely because they love motivating and encouraging people.

A person may also be motivated to motivate if past experiences or current circumstances give him a reason to. Quite a few motivational speakers emerge from people who have suffered from but ultimately conquered bankruptcy, humongous failure, or loss. People with disabilities or people who have survived horrific accidents also use their own personal testimony to help others survive their own hardships.

A very obvious reason (one which might just be the biggest reason of all) would be the financial returns of being a motivational speaker. At first look, you’d think that speaking in front of people and telling them what to do or how to do it would not give someone a high profit, but according to recent studies, it actually does. Actually, it’s been so profitable that motivational speaking is no longer that last resort of people who have failed in or are tired of their existing careers. Nowadays, students actually aim to be professional motivational speakers, and they have good reason to. A survey in 2007 showed that successful members of the National Speakers Association (NSA) in America have gone on to earn $177,000 annually from speaking engagements and sales. This doesn’t even begin to cover that of the famous ones, those who could bring in even more than that in a single event. In addition to that, motivational speakers get to travel around the world to reach out to people who want to hear them speak. Not bad for a career where, simply speaking, you only need your head and your voice.

There are plenty of things that motivate people into professional speaking careers. It’s actually quite fitting, to see them motivated by essentially the same things they use to motivate us: returns, need, experience, and passion.


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Dropping Weight With HCG Diet Drops

There are things that you can do right now to invigorate your push forward within the realms of weight loss. Some things are simple, and some things are going to be more and more complex as you push through. If you’re looking to simplify things and you really want to ensure results occur, you’re going to have to look into three major elements that can help you. First is exercise, second is diet, and third is a supplement. The supplements that are available today are all over the different arenas of fitness, and most of them don’t work. However, amidst those that do work, you’ll find that hcg diet drops is getting a lot of attention. The reason why this is getting attention is simple enough, it’s because it works very well, and when tied to other elements within the world of weight loss and management, you start to see incredible options.

The Exercise Element

1hcgdropsFirst and foremost, you need exercise. This is not just for weight management, it’s for life. It helps with the inside as much as the outside. You should find a way to get outside, or at least hit a gym and do 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week. Find a way to carve out time to help yourself and make gains, otherwise you are not going to be able to sustain the right elements overall. Too often, people end up losing out on the greater picture that comes with this option because they just look into supplements like hcg diet drops and do nothing else to help themselves. Do not go down that path. Focus on building something better through the use of exercise, and try to find something that is relatively “fun” to accomplish.

Dieting Right

Diet is a bad word. Think about this in terms of eating healthy, and looking for options that can help you sustain a good balance, and nothing more. Balance is the key to your eating habits, because if you take them on in a very unique manner, you are going to end up with a positive solution moving forward. Dieting is not something that you should consider as a detriment, but rather you should look into as a way to create nutrition through eating. The things that you eat can help you balance the plan of action that you have and drop serious pounds of fat. However, if you don’t eat right, and you just focus on comfort foods that are laden with calories and fat, you are going to end up with diminished results over time.

The Supplement Part

When it comes to losing serious weight, and managing it after some time, you are going to want to look into hcg diet drops. These can help you get a push forward in regards to making sure that you are able to complement your work in the gym, eating correctly, and much more. When you have those two things in place, you are going to end up with a positive solution that will definitely garner success. Focusing on the right balance is key, and looking for things that work could send you into the direction of hcg, which is an enzyme that metabolizes fat. When your fat cells are converted to energy, you will feel much better, you will see your waistline drop, and results will manifest easily.

At the end of the day, the above options are just some of the things that you need to work within in order to make gains on the world of fitness. If you are serious about seeing your movement forward, these are all going to pay into the right pieces, and sustain your health.

Ready for New Golf Clubs? Check these tips first

Golfers who have been playing for years need to obtain new gear or new golf equipment every once in a while. As people age, their performance on the golf course also changes. The swings, the golf stance, the general posture—these things all change over time. As a consequence, changing the golf clubs may be essential to keep up with the changing physical needs of the players. Before buying your new set of clubs, consider the following tips:


golf equipmentThere is nothing wrong with shopping in department stores. They, too, can provide the appropriate product. However, in this option, you are more likely to speak with a salesperson with very little knowledge about golf or golf clubs. It is recommended that you go to shops where professional golf equipment can be found. You can speak with someone who knows a thing or two about shafts, putting, club fitting, etc. This way, you can ask any questions you want and be assured that you can get the answer you need.

Observe the changes in your game

It is a biological fact that aging could manifest in different ways. Some could find it more difficult to bend forward while others could feel the difference in the way they move or even stand. For golfers, it is also crucial to learn these personal changes. For examples, due to lack of practice, your handicap index may have already changed. This means that replacing the club blades could be essential. Long irons or cavitybacks could be your good option here. Moreover, muscleback–type of iron should be avoided. Your current swings will also shed light on which shaft to use. Purchasing new golf equipment should also keep up with certain changes in the way you play this sport.

Consider Professionally-Done Club fitting

Changing shafts is not always easy, but you can save yourself a load of stress by getting clubfitted right way. A well-executed club fitting often provides the answer as to which type of golf club to purchase next. It normally takes about 30-60 minutes depending on the person performing it. The club fitter can then provide you with a recommendation on which golf club would best suit your swing as well as your body.

Check your Gaming and Budgetary Commitment

Golf clubs and any other piece of golf equipment are usually quite pricey, and therefore, it is essential to be ‘smart’ in your choices. Reflect and confirm your commitment to the game. Are you hoping to become a professional player? How often do you play the game? Is this a short-term or a medium-term hobby? Know the answers to these questions so you can align them to your ‘need’ for new golf clubs. Your budget will also depend on your commitment. It is rather pointless to purchase expensive gear that you would only use for a short period of time.

Take time to Read Reviews

Know what other people of the same interest think about buying new golf clubs. Check out similar stories. Browse through the Web to find reviews and product testimonials. There are also online communities that you can visit and where you may leave a question for the members to answer.

Talk to someone who Speaks the Golfing Language

If you happen to know someone who has been in the golfing business, then you are lucky enough to have an instant resource person. It is essential to obtain sound advice from people who truly know the world of golf. You may opt to ask relevant information on cost, brands, features, changes in gear, and functionality of any golf equipment.

Long Island Loan Modification Life Hacks

If you want to get the best Long Island loan modification, options possible, then you need to perform your due diligence. Below are a few ideas that should get you started.

Read Your Loan Documents

You need to understand what it is you actually have in your hands. Yes, you might have read the same before you signed it. But that was probably a couple of years ago. Read the loan documents again. Take down notes. Pay special attention to loan terms, interest rates, clauses that include figures or terms and conditions that affect your loan.

Know Your Finances

YoungLawGroupLong Island loan modification is for individuals who can afford their loan. This is based on your income and expense worksheet. If you took out a loan you cannot pay for, then modification is not your solution. There are of course factors that affect your ability to pay. For example; if you had to take a pay cut, then you may want to ask for a modification of the loan terms. This will effectively lower your instalment payments. But this will also increase the total interest paid. Tip: For this purpose, you want to fill out an income and expense worksheet. Be realistic. You can lower your expenses on paper. But it is another thing to do so in real life. As a result, you end up defaulting anyway.

Pay Your Debts

The more debts you have, the lower your credit rating. As a result, the bank has a reason to deny your modification request. But if you have excellent credit ratings, and actual ability to pay, then you have a very good chance of getting a better deal.

Timing is Important

Waiting several more months to put your finances in order and repair your credit report is enough to get you a better deal in the long run. If you think you can do this, then it is a better option to wait, and get a better deal on your Long Island loan modification.

Did You Experience Temporary Hardship?

The operative word here is temporary. You want to show your lender that your previous default is due t a temporary hardship i.e. sickness; lay off; accidents, etc. Write a hardship letter. Explain why you were not able to make payments. Ask for a modification that will allow you to pay the default on instalment and without penalties. A possible option is moving back the loan period the same number of months that you missed.

Know When to Push Hard

If you are sure that you should get a Long Island loan modification, and you have reason to believe that your lender overcharged you or committed breaches in their procedure and the law, then you need to hire a lawyer. This is because, the very moment you accuse a lender of wrongdoing, negotiations will stall down and their lawyers will step in. This is no longer a simple fight between right and wrong. This is now a legal battle that includes elaborate procedure and the correlation of several laws. At the very least you want to consult a lawyer or firm, to determine of you have a fighting chance.

The last thing you want is to go it alone, actually have just cause, and then be denied, because you did not know about rule son procedure and the deadlines for submission of your answer/reply.

Know When to Give Up

In some cases Long Island loan modification is not the right remedy for you. If this is the case and you keep pushing for the same, then you may end up losing more. Alternatives to modification may be a refinance, foreclosure or even bankruptcy.

Top Questions to Ask about Services Offered with Portable Storage Containers

Utilizing portable storage containers is a common practice for many businesses and organizations. They obtain them from storage container distributors found in their local areas. Companies offering these gigantic containers also offer specific services you can take advantage of as a client. Verify the following service details to avoid problems that may come with obtaining these containers:

Rental and sales

portable storage containersStorage container dealers may offer them exclusively for rental or for sale. However, some companies offer both services, which are considered beneficial for those who are considering buying their rented containers eventually.

Although they may offer containers for sale or lease, some dealers set several containers for rent or sales alone. Verify the container types and sizes available for your preferred services.

In-house financing service

The appearance of portable storage containers is enough to give everyone an idea that they are not cheap products. Therefore, some buyers check for possibilities of getting financing or assistance if they chose to buy the containers. Certain dealers offer in-house financing, which means the company itself offers flexible payment terms that make container purchases lighter on their pockets. On the other hand, some companies don’t have this service, which means buyers must find other options to pay for the containers.

Availability of selling deals

These deals are available for people looking forward to buy portable storage containers. A common deal is buying the containers they are currently renting, which is similar to the leased cars that clients buy after their contract lapses. In this case, clients can buy their containers whenever they want to. Calling the distributor will help clients process their purchases immediately.

Many people also inquire about rent-to-own containers. Like the usual deals in properties, clients can rent out their containers in long term and eventually gaining ownership of it after set terms. Some companies may not offer this service, but they can be available with varying terms.

Upfront payments

Upfront payments are obtained for renting and purchasing containers in some cases. Buyers want to know how much they need to pay to set their budget. Usually, the upfront payment includes the rental payment for the first month and the delivery fees. Clients will get their containers upon paying these fees.

Pick-up services

Time will come when rented portable storage containers are not needed for clients. The dealer can pick up the containers to save clients from doing the job on their own. In terms of pick-up services, clients must need to pay a pick-up fee and give sufficient number of days to notify dealers before they can get the container. Some dealers need several days before they can pick-up the storage space. Read this detail on their websites to ensure you can give them an ample time to prepare.

Delivery and shipment details

Containers distributor save buyers and renters from picking up the storage themselves by offering delivery services. Various details come with this service and to be verified to avoid problems along the way. The first detail to check is the needed lot area for delivery. Companies deliver these containers using a truck with various features. Hence, it will require sufficient space for maneuvering and unloading the container.

Some clients also look into shipping the container overseas for their own projects. Although this service is known in this business, some companies may not offer this service due to a wide array of restrictions that come in shipping large equipment.

Knowing details about these services ensure you’ll get your portable storage containers without problems from the distributor. You will not only save yourself from the inconvenience and unexpected expenses caused by not verifying these details before completing the transaction.